Fejzo Sabanija – In Memoriam

Fejzo Sabanija was born on 21.10.1922 in Crni Vrh, Visegrad. He worked in UPI firm before retiring.

On 3rd of May 1992, around four men wearing camouflage uniforms knocked on the door and said that they will take Fejzo for questioning. In the street from where he was abducted – the Marsal Tito street no. 3 – there was a orange van with some civilians and uniformed men inside. The van went towards the old Bridge.

The next day, the family found out that Fejzo was taken along with Dr. Safet Zejnilovi and Zihnija Omerovic. The family was told by the local police that Fejzo was taken to Pale for questioning.

His remains still have not been found.





2 Responses to “Fejzo Sabanija – In Memoriam”

  1. You mentioned Mr Sabanija, Dr Zejnilovi and Mr Omerovic in a post about eliticide in Visegrad. The originators of actions specifically targeted against the individual members of an elite should be easier to identify than the perpetrators of random violence. I assume that the identities of those who ordered the disappearances are likely to be strongly suspected, if not known. I trust that some means will be found of directing attention in their direction and eventually I hope achieving proper investigation of their crimes.

  2. R.I.P, yet another man who looked like the cheerful type, always thought of others before himself. I can not grip the fact that so many were killed. Let him rest in peace for ever. What happened to Zejnilovi and Omerovic?

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