Oliver Krsmanovic arrested!


Image: Oliver Krsmanovic in 1992, Visegrad.

Oliver Krsmanovic was a member of the Bosnian Serb Army special unit “Avengers” which committed mass murder and rape against the Bosniak population in Visegrad and surrounding areas.

Image: Oliver Krsmanovic in 1980’s, Visegrad.

Oliver is wanted for crimes and rape committed in Visegrad and for abduction and murder of Muslim civilians in the Sjeverin case. In October 1992, 16 civilians – citizens of Yugoslavia were abducted in Sjeverin(Serbia) by members of the “Avengers” – brought to Visegrad, tortured and murdered. Their remains are yet to be found.

Oliver was arrested last night in Visegrad after “hiding” for years.


8 Responses to “Oliver Krsmanovic arrested!”

  1. Thank god, let him be brought to justice/

  2. On October 23, 2002, after the fall of Milosević, the Office of the Public Prosecutor in Belgrade issued indictments against Milan Lukić, Dragutin Dragicević, Oliver Krsmanović, Djordje Sević and five other persons. On 29 September 2003 Dragutin Dragićević, Oliver Krsmanović and Milan Lukić were found guilty of the torture and murder of the abductees and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment (the latter two in absentia) while Đorđe Šević was sentenced to 15 years.

    The question is – why has Krsmanović been arrested? For untried crimes in Visegrad or because he’s a fugitive from Serbian justice?

  3. visegrad92 Says:

    Owen, nothing offical yet but he was arrested for crimes committed in Visegrad since he evaded arrest a few times in Visegrad by crossing the border into Serbia. Ergo, the Serbs weren’t very interested in arresting him for Sjeverin. According to some news reports the Bosnian Prosecution office asked for documents and evidence in relation to Sjeverin – he will most probably be indicted for Sjeverin as well.

  4. I trust he will be held to account for every crime staining his hands – and along with him all those responsible at a higher level as well.

  5. András Says:

    Even the Sjeverin crimes took place in Bosnia, not in Serbia. The people who were murdered in that case were Serbian (at that point Yugoslav) citizens, and living in Sjeverin, which is in Serbia. But they were kidnapped inside Bosnia and they were tortured at the Vilina Vlas hotel and were killed in Visegrad, by the side of the Drina.

  6. Are Oliver Krsmanovic and Momir Krsmanovic https://genocideinvisegrad.wordpress.com/tag/genocide-denial/ related?

  7. visegrad92 Says:

    @Owen: I heard that they are relatives but not sure yet.

  8. Visegrad92, Krsmanovic doesn’t need to be indicted for Sjeverin, he’s been tried and convicted in absentia. The Sjeverin convictions (Dragicevic and Sevic were imprisoned, Krsmanovic and Milan Lukic convicted in absentia) were the first secured by the Serbian special war crimes prosecutor.

    Andras, presumably since the Sjeverin abductions and killings have already been tried and sentences passed in the Serbian courts, Serbia could insist on its prior claim to Krsmanovic. I don’t know how international law works in circumstances like that, not that one would expect international law to be the prime consideration for the parties involved in this particular situation.

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