Jasmina Delija

Jasmina Delija 

Jasmina was around 24 years old when she was burned alive along with her son on 14.06.1992. in Pionirska Street Massacre.



One Response to “Jasmina Delija”

  1. The ICTY Trial judgment in the trial of Milan Lukic identified Jasmina Delija’s son as Adis, aged approximately 2 years old. Milan Lukic may have been a psychopath, but everyone else who knew what he was up to and allowed him licence to do what he wanted made moral choices. They chose for Mrs Delija and her child to be tortured and killed in what must have been agonising fear and pain. And through their actions their own supporters, associates, condoners and concealers have in turn made a similar moral choice to approve the bestial murder of a two-year-old child and his mother.

    The death of Peter Connelly – “Baby P” – still reverberates in the UK and rightfully provokes intense public heart-searching over the failure of the responsible British agencies to protect the child and prevent his untimely death. Indirectly Baby P’s death may even have dashed the hopes of a prospective British prime minister. The death of Adis Delija could just as well not have happened as far as the accountability of the authorities in his case is concerned. Jasmina Delija’s son was abused and killed with the connivance of the local authorities, even if not on their instructions. There is a chain of persons in positions of responsibility who were responsible for killing Adis Delija just as surely as Milan Lukic did. The picture of Jasmina Delija and our knowledge of the fate of her child should remind us of their impunity.

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