Hajra Koric

The murder of Hajra Koric in the Milan Lukic case:

“In respect of the killing of Hajra Koric, the evidence shows that Milan Lukic searched for Hajra Koric among a group of women and children who were fleeing.  Once he found her, he singled her out and shot her at point-blank range.  He was laughing when he turned her body over with his   foot and shot her in the back.”

Milan Lukic Judgement




One Response to “Hajra Koric”

  1. I presume that this is the woman of whose murder – shooting in the chest in public – Milan Lukic was convicted by the ICTY. A copy of this picture should be posted to Patriarch Irenije of the Serbian Orthodox Church to ask him why he allows his clerics to take part in celebrating the accomplishments and self-justification of this woman’s murderer.

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