The Sabanija family

Image: Son, Mother and Daugther. Enver, Djulsa and Munevera Sabanija.

Enver(Salko)Sabanija 1972-1992

Djulsa(Halid)Sabanija 1953-1992

Munevera(Salko)Sabanija 1970-1992

An entire family wiped out. Their remains have still not been found.

Remember The Visegrad Genocide!

Never forget!

Never forgive!


3 Responses to “The Sabanija family”

  1. Who are the people who should know the whereabouts of the family’s remains?

  2. mochael curran Says:

    Sada sjecan se kako je Bosna bili kad sam bio mlad student iz Irskoj u taj divna nesrecna zemlja.Ne mogu oprostiti sta su Srba Cetnika i Hrvati Ustase vama ucinili.
    My sincere condolences to you and to all of the Bosniak victims

  3. These photographs are a constant reminders of crime unpunished. I hope you and the other campaigners for the victims of Visegrad are able to take some encouragement from yesterday’s conviction at the Central Criminal Court in London of the killers of Stephen Lawrence – the result of his parents’ determination over eighteen long, hard years not to let his racist murderers escape justice. Let’s hope that some day the murderers of the Sabanija family similarly find themselves facing their just due.

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