Sijercic-bey’s shrine

Image: The Sijercic-bey’s shrine in Visegrad before the war.

The Sijercic-bey’s shrine ( “Turbe Sijercic bega”) in Visegrad was built during the Ottoman period. Not much is known about it. It was bulldozed in 1992 by the Bosnian Serb authorities in Visegrad.

Image: The site where the shrine used to stand.


One Response to “Sijercic-bey’s shrine”

  1. Even thought the killing of human beings was obviously the greatest crime of the Bosnian genocide, the destruction of religious and cultural architecture in some ways is the most telling evidence, because there’s really no way for genocide deniers to claim that mosques and other Ottoman buildings were systematically bulldozed and dynamited as simply “collatoral damage” in a civil war. Pictures like these speak simply, starkly, and irrefutably to the genocidal intent of the war.

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