Straziste Cemetery

Image: Straziste cemetery(Photo credits: Velija Hasanbegovic)

The Straziste cemetery is located in Visegrad on the left side of the main road towards Dobrun and Uzice.  It is the central Muslim cemetery in Visegrad. Judging by the old Ottoman tombstones, it can be said that Straziste is one of the oldest in Visegrad. It is a large cemetery – the perimeter is one kilometer long.  This cemetery is of great importance for Bosniaks for one more reason – the martyrs  of Visegrad are buried there.

Not all of the martyrs are buried in Straziste – some families decided not to bury there loved ones in Visegrad. Mainly because Visegrad is a Serb town today  and they do not wish to return to Visegrad anymore. Another reason is that in the years after the war, the Visegrad victim organization did not have a strong opinion on this matter nor did it understand the importance of burying the martyrs of Visegrad in Visegrad. As a result most of the victims were buried in Sarajevo, some in Gorazde and a few even in Visoko.

Today the opinion of some has changed and there are ideas that Straziste cemetery should be transformed into a memorial center for the genocide victims.

Building a memorial center for the victims would bring dignity back to them and satisfaction for the family members. Our hope is that Straziste would become the Potocari of Visegrad.

Image: Straziste cemetery (Photo credits: Berina Pekmezovic)


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