Lake Perucac victim names released

Image: A child’s shoe found in Lake Perucac(Photo credits: Velija Hasanbegovic)

Perucac lake exhumations preliminary results

In the summer of 2010, lake Perucac was dried up due to turbine repairs. The surface of the lake uncovered dozens of bones of genocide victims from 1992-1995.  Expert teams of the Bosnian Missing Persons Institute(MPI) and the International Commission for Missing Persons(ICMP) spent a period of over three months digging through the soil in search of victim remains. This week the premilinary DNA results have been published.

Summary of MPI report:

–          Almost all the bodies were incomplete.

–          25% of the victims were female.

–          The oldest victims were Imamagic Aisa and Ohranovic Hasida(both born 1906).

–          The youngest victims is Podzic Haris (1988).

–          22% of the victims were over 60 years old.

–          15% of the victims dissapeared in Srebrenica and Zepa in 1995.

–          2 of the victims were Muslim recruits (from Visegrad and Jajce) who where called to serve the Yugoslav Peoples Army in 1991 in Pristina, Kosovo.

–          2 of the victims were victims from the Strpci abduction in  1993.

–          One of the victims was from the Sjeverin abduction in 1992.

–          The total number of victims is 162. 160 of them are Bosniaks and 2 are Serb soldiers who dissapeared at the Gorazde front in 1992.

For the official list of names published by the Missing Persons’ Institute please clich here.

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