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20th anniversary of the Visegrad genocide

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On 26.05.2012 the 20th anniversary of the Visegrad genocide will be marked with the central commemoration in Straziste cemetery in Visegrad.  On this day 60 victims exhumed from Lake Perucac will be buried in Visegrad. Also the central monumet commemorating the Visegrad victims will be uncovered in Straziste cemetery.

Veterans of the Republika Srpska Visegrad brigade annouced a lineup in Visegrad on 26.05.2012 as a response to the collective funeral and commemoration, so it is expected that the situation in Visegrad will be intense that day.

We invite all members of the media to come to Visegrad on the 26th as it will be a unique oportunity to witness victims and perpetrators on one place.


The memory remains: 20 years since the Visegrad genocide

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This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Visegrad genocide. For a more easier and quick way of understanding what occurred in 1992, we decided to publish a booklet about the Visegrad genocide. This  booklet is entitled: “The memory remains: 20 years since the Visegrad genocide”.

It is free to download:



Download, read and spread the word.

It is highly recommended to print this booklet and distribute it at your local community and university.

What you can find in this booklet:

– brief information on what occurred in Visegrad in 1992

– eye-witness testimonies related to the crimes committed on the Mehmed-pasa Sokolovic bridge

– Pionirska and Bikavac massacre

– Perpetrators

– Victims

– Missing

– Anniversary