20th anniversary of the Visegrad genocide

On 26.05.2012 the 20th anniversary of the Visegrad genocide will be marked with the central commemoration in Straziste cemetery in Visegrad.  On this day 60 victims exhumed from Lake Perucac will be buried in Visegrad. Also the central monumet commemorating the Visegrad victims will be uncovered in Straziste cemetery.

Veterans of the Republika Srpska Visegrad brigade annouced a lineup in Visegrad on 26.05.2012 as a response to the collective funeral and commemoration, so it is expected that the situation in Visegrad will be intense that day.

We invite all members of the media to come to Visegrad on the 26th as it will be a unique oportunity to witness victims and perpetrators on one place.


One Response to “20th anniversary of the Visegrad genocide”

  1. On Saturday 26 May 2012 a delegation from VIŠEGRAD GENOCIDE REMEMBRANCE UK, a network of UK supporters of truth and justice for the victims and survivors of Višegrad 1992, called at the Bosnian and Serbian Embassies in London in order to present printed-out copies of the memorial booklet “The Memory Remains” addressed to the Bosnian Ambassador H.E. Jadranka Negodić and the Serbian Ambassador H.E. Dejan Popović, together with a letter reminding them of the horrific events of 1992, their commemoration today in Visegrad and the continuing impunity of the civic officials in charge of the town, Branimir Savović, mayor of Višegrad and president of the Crisis Committee administration and Risto Perišić, head of the Višegrad police force. The letter called on the Bosnian and Serbian governments to co-operate in ensuring that Savović and Perišić are brought to trial for the crimes committed under their responsibility and urged them not to let another anniversary pass before the two are brought to justice.

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