Victim monument protested in Višegrad

Press Release

Local political organisations are protesting against the wording of the monument unveiled in Višegrad last Saturday. The municipal committee of the SDS, PDP, SRS RS, SRS, “Vojislav Seselj”, SNS and SOE will hold a public protest against the monument tonight at 20:00 hours. A local news website ( commented that the usage of the word genocide in an inscription on the monument is “another provocation that attempts to falsify history and denigrate the righteous struggle of the Serbian people and its victims for freedom and survival in this region”. They also printed a statement from the municipal committee: “Clearly, we say the authors of the forgeries that truth is stronger than lies, and that nobody and nothing can tarnish the honourable struggle of the Serbian people for their freedom and the Serbian Republic”.

Steps are also being taken by the Veterans Association of the RS to seek redress legally and some organisations are filing criminal charges against the people responsible for erecting the monument in Višegrad, using the word genocide “because it is a deliberate slander against the Serbian people, the municipality of Visegrad and Republika Srpska”.


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