Oliver Krsmanovic: Beatings in Barracks


Image: Oliver Krsmanovic

Justice Report       BIRN        Sarajevo

The witness, Adem Sisic, testified that he had heard about Krsmanovic’s role in the Uzamnica barracks from Ilijas Cuprija and Saban Muratovic, who were imprisoned there toghether with his son in 1992.

“Ilijas came to me and told me that Bajro is in the Uzamnica camp. They were there together. He told me he had been beaten by Oliver Krsmanovic and two others named Srdjan and Lukic,” said Sisic.

He added that Saban Muratovic told him in 1994 that his son was murdered.

“He told me that he was exchanged and that my son was killed. My wife immediately had a heart attack. He said that Oliver, Lukic and Srdjan were beating people up,” said the witness, adding that he heard his 24-year son was taken from the barracks and never came back.

Krsmanovic is charged with taking part in torturing civilians in the Uzamnica barracks in the summer 1992.

He is on trial as a member of the Second Podrinje Light Infantry Brigade of the Army of Republika Srpska for murders, rapes and forced disappearances of Bosniaks in Visegrad.

Sisic said that his son was in the army, which was organized in the village as a “defense from Serbs”.

Examining the witness, the defendant Krsmanovic claimed that the man who told him about his son was called Saban Muratagic and not Muratovic, and that he was the “biggest beater” in Uzamnica.

“He had to do it what he was told,” replied the witness.

At this hearing two protected prosection witnesses, OK-12 and OK-13,  also gave testimony, but they were examined in a session closed to the public.



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