For those who can tell no tales

A new film by Jasmila Zbanic about an Australian tourist discovers the silent legacy of wartime atrocities when she arrives in a seemingly idyllic little town on the border of Bosnia and Serbia.

This is based on a true story about tourism, memory, genocide in Visegrad.

4 Responses to “For those who can tell no tales”

  1. Hopefully the film will get to be distributed in the UK. Please post any further details of showings you hear of.

  2. Says:

    Jasmila Żbanić,
    Thank you for being the voice of all those who can tell no tales. I believe all places which were rape camps should be destroyed. As long as they exist they prolong the suffering of all the people humiliated there.

  3. Excellent website. Never underestimate the work that you do to bring awareness to these horrible atrocities, regardless of whether it involves blogging, making films or journalism. The Serbian majority strives to erase their unspeakable conduct every day, and is adamant the ICTY is attempting to “rewrite history” by bringing justice to these awful crimes. The victims should be vindicated and the actions of the people who terrorised Bosnia and Herzegovina should not be forgotten.

  4. Excellent film. Le guide français Petit futé sur la Bosnie Herzégovine vante les mérites d’un séjour spa à l’hôtel Vilina Vlas sans jamais indiquer ce qui s’est passé sur place pendant la guerre. Cet Hôtel devrait être détruit.

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