“Genocide” erased from Visegrad memorial




Image: Worker erasing the word genocide from the memorial in Visegrad. At least 100 members of the Republika Srpska Special police forces backed the Visegrad authorities in its desecration of the Islamic cemetery in Visegrad.

Bosnian Serb authorities backed by police officials have removed the word “genocide” from a memorial plaque erected in the eastern Bosnian town of Visegrad for the Bosniaks killed during the 1992-1995 war.

The mayor of Visegrad, Slavisa Miskovic, said the word genocide was offensive to local people because there “is no proof of verdict about genocide in Visegrad”.

The Bosnian town is the site of one of the most horrendous war atrocities committed by Serb paramilitaries, led by Milan and Sredoje Lukic in 1992. Fifty-nine Bosniak elderly and women were detained in a house, along with 17 children, and burnt alive.

The memorial, erected in the Straziste Muslim cemetery, reads: “To all killed and missing Bosniaks, children, women and men, victims of genocide in Visegrad”.

However, authorities described the memorial as “illegally erected” and previously attempted to remove the word “genocide” last December. The move was postponed after Bosniaks’ protests.

A 1991 census showed that the population of the town was 25,000 – 63% were Bosnian Muslims.

According to documents of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), some 3,000 Bosniaks were murdered during the 1992-1995 violence, including 600 women and 119 children.

Visegrad was subjected to “one of the most comprehensive and ruthless campaigns of ethnic cleansing in the Bosnian conflict”, according to the ICTY.

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VGM warned about the possibilities of the memorial to be demolished.

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One Response to ““Genocide” erased from Visegrad memorial”

  1. Friend of Bosnia Says:

    Just goes to show what incredible swine, genocidal fascist bigot xenophobic fiends a majority of the Serbs are.

    And like during the actual genocide, most of them just looked the other way.

    One of the survivors of the Visegrad Genocide remarked that even as they saw their neighbors being led liek lambs to the slaughter, they just looked away. So in his eyes, they all have become guilty.
    I share this view.

    I do not wish to go to Visegrad as long as it is Serb-occupied because I don’t want to give its present inhabitants neither my recognition nor my money.

    Even young Serbs who were born long afte teh war approve of the anti-Bosiak genocide and are eager to do their part in the future. Onlylast summer tehy were dancing in Bratunac to a song which contained teh lines “Novi Pazaru, drugi Vukovaru” and “Oj Sjenica, nova Srebrenica”

    This, along with the hate phrase “Noz, zoca, Srebrenica ” that appears ever so often, also goes to show they know very well the truth about the Bosnian War of Independence 1992-95. They know it, their own Ratko Mladic said so even before he started hostilites, yet they deny it; and in their hearts tehy wish to repeat what Njegos wrote down “no seeing eye, no tongue of Turk/Was left alive to tekll the tale/We put them all unto the sword…”

    In West Germany, some 22 years after WW II, young people did some soul-searchng and tried to find out what their parents, or grandparents, had done during WW II. WHen confronted with genocide denial and Nazi propaganda, most of them turned away in disgust and that is why a majority of Gemans rejects Nazism.
    Not so among Serbs.
    That’s why this act of genocide denial, the last step of genocide, could happen.

    This only serves to humiliate the Bosnias further. besides that it is a self-serving gesture for the Bosnian Serbs to reassure themselves.

    And they still have the nerve to smear the Germans of today as Nazis.
    Being of half Geman descent and having a half-North African daughter, I feel particularly inmsulted.

    I wish those who love and cherish Bosnia-Hezegovina can someday (and I hope I will live to see it) undo and reverse teh partition, the “Putinization” of Bosnia-Herzegovina. I say “Putinization” because tehy not only receive Putin’s whole hearted support but also implememt similar repressive measures against dissentes.I say that because I am aware that there are Bosnian Serbs who see teh wronmg of “republika Srpska” and its foundations (a mountain of mostly Bosiak corpses); so of course the powerful ones in “RS” must silence them in the same way anybody who opposes Putin’s policies is silenced. Besides that, Russian media aerd as bad as the Bosnan Serb ones in smearing the Bosniaks. I’m fed with all of this. This disdainful, callous attitude towards the victims of genocide and persecution.

    And if the Bosniaks really do prevail over their enemies, they must, like the Americans did in 1945 with the people of Weimar, show them the concentration camp of Buchenwald, so must the Bosniaks round up the Bosnian Serbs andtake them to the mas graves, and show them. They even should put up markers there, staing “On this spot, … unarmed Bosniaks were FOULLY MURDERED, By Serbs in the name of the Serb people, to establish Greaterr Serbia, and as an example of Serb culture.”

    No, I don’t want to befriend any Serbs who do not distance themselves credibly from Greater Serb chauvinism and ultranationalisms. Such people can never be my friemds, and I formally forbid my daughter to marry or have a relationship with one.

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