Prosecutor of the Regional Team III of the Special Department for War Crimes within the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH issued an indictment against the following persons:

–        Jovan Popovic, born on September 21, 1949 in Višegrad, a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina and

–        Goran Popović, born on September 10, 1972 in Višegrad, a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The aforementioned accused persons are charged to have participated, as members of the Serb armed forces, during the period from the beginning of April 1992 until the end of December 1995 within a widespread and systematic attack of the Army of Republika Srpska, Ministry of Interior and paramilitaries directed against the Bosniak civilians in the village of Rodić brdo located n the municipality of Višegrad, and to have knowing of such an attack participated in the persecution of Bosniak civilian population on political, ethnic, cultural and religious grounds, committed through killings, forcible transfer of population, unlawful incarceration, rape, sexual slavery, enforced disappearances, destruction and alienation of property, causing of great suffering and bodily harm as well as other inhumane acts of a similar nature.

The accused Jovan Popović is charged to have on June 17, 1992, or about that date, with a group of several armed members of the Serb military, paramilitary and police led by Milan Lukić (sentenced to life in prison), participated in the attack, raids, unlawful arrests and the taking of Bosniak men from their homes located in the village Rodića brdo – Višegrad municipality, on which occasion they captured four civilians and took them to the police station in Višegrad where they were killed. Jovan Popović mistreated their families and threatened to kill them if they do not reveal where the other family members, whom he personally knew, were hiding. Later that day, he returned to the village and told a mother of one of the civilians that were taken away that he killed her son and that the “river Drina has taken him away”. The bodies of two of those civilians who were taken away were exhumed and the bodies of the remaining two are still to be found. The accused person also participated in the forceful confiscation of technical goods from the local villagers as well as motor vehicles.

As further alleged in the indictment, Jovan Popović has kept one Bosniak woman and her two underage children enslaved forcing them to do agricultural works on his estate. The body of this Bosniak woman was exhumed on May 16, 2012 on the location of Đurevića polje in Višegrad municipality, and her children have since disappeared without a trace.

The accused Goran Popović is charged to have, as a guard in “Uzamnica” camp, participated in the abuse, beatings, torture and sexual abuse of Bosniak men and women detained in this camp. He forced them to sing chetnik songs and eat pork. At the end of December 1992, together with another guard, the accused Goran Popović has repeatedly taken two of the incarcerated females outside of the detention premises onto a meadow and into a hangar where a group of soldiers was situated who have watched this and laughed. He was forcing them to have sex with prisoners, hence when the two women would refuse to do so, he would beat them all over their bodies using his legs, arms and wooden sticks thus causing serious bodily injuries.

The accused Jovan Popović is charged with the criminal offense of Crimes against Humanity under Article 172, Paragraph 1, Subparagraph h) in conjunction with Subparagraphs  a), d), e)  and i), and the accused Goran Popović is charged with the criminal offense of Crimes against Humanity under Article 172, Paragraph 1 Subparagraphs e) and g) of the Criminal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Source:

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