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Abida Tvrtkovic

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Image: Abida (Ibrahim Omerovic) Tvrtkovic 1955-1992

Musa (Ahmed) Feric

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Image: Musa (Ahmed) Feric 1932-1992

Victim of Bikavac fire massacre on 27 june 1992.

The stabbing of Ahmet Mutapcic

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Emina Dizdarevic BIRN BiH Sarajevo

Testifying at the trial of Petar Kovacevic for crimes in the Visegrad area, a State Prosecution witness says that he saw that killed Ahmet Mutapcic was stabbed with a knife.
Enes Mutapcic recalled what he saw, when he came in order to bury Ahmet Mutapcic and Ibrahim Kustura, who were killed.

“We went to the place at which they were killed together with Islam Kustura. (…) I saw that Ahmet’s hands were cut. It looked as if he was trying to defend himself. I approached him and noticed that he had been stabbed in his stomach with a knife. They were killed by being shot in their heads from a pistol,” witness Enes Mutapcic said.

The witness also said that he knew Suhra Kustura and her daughter Fatima and that he heard that they were detained and set on fire inside a house.

When asked by Prosecutor Dzevad Muratbegovic whether he knew indictee Petar Kovacevic, the witness answered affirmatively and recognised him in the courtroom.

The witness said that he used to see Mujo Gacko in Dobrun and that he heard that Petar Kovacevic killed him.

When asked by attorney Petko Pavlovic whether he used to see the indictee during those events, the witness responded negatively.

“I only heard about those happenings … I did not see the murders,” Mutapcic explained.

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BiH, charges Petar Kovacevic, a former member of the Republika Srpska Army, VRS, with having participated in murders, rape and unlawful arrest of civilians in Visegrad, including the murder of Mujo Gacko in Dobrun village, in late May 1992.

According to the charges, he participated, together with a group of armed soldiers, in an attack against the Bosniak population in Zlatnik, Turjak and Zanozje villages, when two civilians were killed by fire arms and houses, in which three women were burnt, were set on fire by being shot at from fire arms.

Court medicine expert Zdenko Cihlarz presented his findings at this hearing. He said that he visited Zlatnik village at the beginning of September 2002 and that he conducted a court medicine examination of bodies exhumed in that area.

The court expert said that, as far as the remains of Mujo Gacko were concerned, he noticed head trauma and shoulder injuries. The court expert saw head and chest injuries on the remains of Ibrahim Kustura and the destruction of the head, caused by a bullet, on Ahmet Mutapcic’s body.

Court expert Cihlarz said that he conducted an expert examination at the site at which Dervis Kustura’s house was burnt down.

“The discovered skeletal remains were exposed to fire, so it was not possible to determine their sex, age or cause of death. One could only determine that the remains belonged to Suhra and Fatima Kustura,” the expert said.

Responding to a Defence’s question, the court expert said that the time of death could not be determined and that he could not specify what weapons were used.
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Dragan Sekaric sentenced for 14 years for Visegrad crimes

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Image: Bosnian Serb Dragan Sekaric

Former Bosnian Serb Army soldier Dragan Sekaric was sentenced to 14 years in prison for rape and murder in the village of Kosovo Polje in the Visegrad municipality in 1992.
Sekaric was found guilty on Friday of going to a house in Kosovo Polje in June 1992 with other Bosnian Serb soldiers and taking several civilians outside, after which he raped a woman inside the house.

He was also convicted of pushing a civilian called Fatima Jamak into a burning house on the same day, and killing her afterwards.

Presiding judge Mira Smajlovic said that the Bosnian prosecution had proved that Sekaric committed his crimes with intent and that the testimonies of the rape victim and another witness who in the village were “convincing and objective”.

“The defence challenged the credibility of witnesses S1 [the victim] and S3 [the eyewitness], considering their descriptions of a person they knew as Dragan Gorazdak differed. However, the trial chamber finds that the witnesses gave satisfactory explanations for these differences. Namely, they were in a state of fear and it is clear why they did not remember details they did not find important,” said Smajlovic.

The judge also said that Sekaric’s alibi – given by his uncle, who testified that the defendant was in Serbia – was not convincing.

Smajlovic said that while considering the 14-year sentence, the court took into account the fact that he was a family man with two children as a mitigating circumstance and the brutality of his crime as an aggravating circumstance.

The verdict however acquitted Sekaric of taking part in an attack on Kokino Selo in Gorazde, robbing and taking away a man and his son from Visegrad, both of whom were never seen again, and beating a prisoner in the Uzamnica detention camp.

Smajlovic said witness testimonies about the attack on Kokino Selo only offered “second hand and imprecise” details about Sekaric. She said that the testimony of a witness about the Visegrad incident was also not convincing.

Regarding the prisoner abuse charge, Smajlovic explained that the Bosnian prosecution had failed to call a victim to testify.

“Because of the procedural mistakes of the Bosnian prosecution and the lack of evidence, the trial chamber had no other options then to acquit the defendant of this charge,” said the judge.


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Image: Pionirska Street Fire Massacre Infographics


Image: Bikavac Fire Massacre Infographics