Visegrad Genocide Quotes – 1


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  1. 27 June 2015 – the 23rd anniversary of the Bikavac fire. This time the Lukics thought they’d got everyone, there’d be no witnesses, but Zehra Turjacanin survived:

    The quote from Patrick Robinson of the ICTY Trial Chamber hearing the charges against Milan and Sredoje Lukic bears repeating time after time until those who made up the chain of command and licence that unleashed Milan Lukic on the civilian population of Visegrad have been brought to justice::

    “In the all too long, sad and wretched history of man’s inhumanity to man, the Pionirska street and Bikavac fires must rank high. At the close of the twentieth century, a century marked by war and bloodshed on a colossal scale, these horrific events stand out for the viciousness of the incendiary attack, for the obvious premeditation and calculation that defined it, for the sheer callousness and brutality of herding, trapping and locking the victims in the two houses, thereby rendering them helpless in the ensuing inferno, and for the degree of pain and suffering inflicted on the victims as they were burnt alive.”

    Click to access 090720_j.pdf

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