Indictment Against Milan Komad Filed

Image: Milan Komad

Denis Dzidic BIRN BiH Sarajevo

The Bosnian state prosecution has filed an indictment against Milan Komad, a former member of the Bosnian Serb Army, charging him with murder in Visegrad.
Komad has been charged with killing one person in the village of Kosovo Polje in the municipality of Visegrad at the beginning of June 1992.

According to the charges, at the time Kosovo Polje was inhabited by Bosniaks who’d left their homes for security reasons and crossed to the other side of the Drina River as refugees.

“Noticing a person who was hiding in his yard, the defendant came running onto his property and said, ‘Stop.’ Fearing for his life, the person tried to run away. The defendant then fired a shot from an automatic weapon and killed him,” an announcement from the state prosecution read.

Komad is defending himself at liberty. His place of residence is Neum.

The indictment has been forwarded to the Bosnian state court for confirmation.
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