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Visegrad Memorial mentioned in James Waller’s new book

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American scholar James Waller recently published a new book titled Confronting Evil: Engaging Our Responsibility to Prevent Genocide (Oxford University Press, 2016). One part of his book is dedicated to the genocide memorial in Visegrad:


Bikavac exhumation 25.2.2016

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25.2.2016 – An exhumation was carried out on the foundations of Meho Aljic’s house in Bikavac where on 27.6.1992 one of the worst war crimes was committed during the genocide 1992-95. At least 70 women and children were burnt alive by Bosnian Serb soldiers.

On 25.2.2016, the Missing Persons Institute conducted an exhumation on this location and found one piece of human bone. There were several exhumations conducted on this location but this was the first time a human bone was discovered.

The crime scene was destroyed by the local authorities during or after the war. The house was bulldozed and the site was turned into a garbage dump.

DNA analysis will be conducted on the discovered bone in order to try and establish an identity of a victim.


Photo credits: Avaz


Izet Husovic

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Izet (Rasim) Husovic


Rasim Husovic

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Rasim Husovic 1905 – 1992

Hasa Tufekcic

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Hasa (Osmo) Tufekcic


Sabaheta Subasic

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Sabaheta (Hasan Tufekcic) Subasic 1964 -1992

Sekaric Sentence Increased to 17 Years by State Appeals Chamber

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Emina Dizdarevic BIRN BiH Sarajevo

The appeals chamber of the Bosnian state court increased the verdict in the Dragan Sekaric case from 14 to 17 years in prison. Sekaric was found guilty of committing crimes against humanity, including murder and rape, in Visegrad in 1992.

The appeals chamber partially upheld an appeal filed by the state prosecution by increasing the sentence handed down in the first instance verdict. The rest of the verdict was confirmed.

In February 2015, Sekaric was found guilty of abducting civilians from a house in Kosovo Polje in the Visegrad area and raping a protected witness known as S-1 inside the house at the beginning of June 1992. According to the verdict, on the same day he pushed civilian Fatima Jamak into a burning house and shot her.

Sekaric was acquitted of three counts, namely with participating in an attack on Kokino Selo in the municipality of Gorazde, robbing and abducting missing persons Dzemail Zukic and his son, as well as mistreating a civilian in the Uzamnica detention camp.

The parties do not have the right to appeal the appeal chamber’s verdict.


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