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The Rapist from Vilina Vlas

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The Vilina Vlas Spa motel was a site of mass rape of Bosniak girls and women during the Visegrad Genocide. This was confirmed during the Zeljko Lelek case.

Image: Zeljko Lelek-The Rapist from Vilina Vlas

Zeljko Lelek Second Instance Judgement:

69. That the witness was at the Vilina Vlas Spa and that she was raped there bythe Accused, among others, is supported by what she said about other Muslimwomen being there, subjected to the same tortures. First of all, the witness D,as well as a certain Jasmina, of whom the witness said, “…Jasmina looked miserable, she was in a corner… and he (meaning the Accused ) approached Jasmina“, she heard later that Jasmina jumped off the window. The defence witness Petar Mitrović also confirmed these allegations when he says that hewent to the Spa together with the Accused and that they found out there thattheir Bosniak neighbours were killed, and that Jasmina Ahmetspahić jumpedoff the window. This witness actually connected the Accused with the timeand place of the acts under this Count of the Indictment.

70. On the basis of the testimony of the witness M.H. the Trial Judgement (pp.40-43.) reasoned its conclusion very clearly and precisely that the acts of the Accused constitute the elements of the criminal offence of rape outlawed byArt. 172(1)(g) CC BiH, and that this rape constitutes the act of torture as well. This is because the witness was brought to the Vilina Vlas Spa to besadistically abused by the perpetrators only because she belongs to a particularethnic group and for illicit discriminatory purposes. Before this instance ofrape she was sexually abused on multiple occasions and the Accused raped herwhile she was in such physical and mental pain, despite her obvious suffering,and this was all done to severely humiliate her and degrade her dignity.

Today Vilina Vlas is still a motel visited by local and foreign tourists. It is estimated that more than a hundred Bosniak girls and women were in Vilina Vlas. Only a few managed to survive.

Angelina Jolie and her film

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Recently a lot has been reported about Angelina Jolie’s new film which is a love story between a Bosniak woman and a Serb soldier. Information leaked to the Bosnian media suggested that the Bosniak woman was in a rape camp and falls in love with a Serb soldier. Several victim groups promptly reacted and asked for the film to be banned from being filmed in Bosnia.

It would be nice for Angleina to learn about the fate of Jasmina Ahmetspahic before making this film.


Bosnia cancels Angelia Jolie filming permit

SARAJEVO, Oct 13 (Reuters) – A Bosnian minister on Wednesday canceled a permit for Angelina Jolie to shoot parts of her debut feature film in Bosnia, citing incomplete paperwork.

The Oscar-winning actress has begun shooting the film in Budapest and her production company said it was a love story between a Serbian man and a Bosnian woman who meet on the eve of the Bosnian war, which killed 100,000 people between 1992 and 1995. The filming should conclude in November in Bosnia.

Jolie has said the film would not meddle in politics, but an association of female victims from the Bosnian war has objected to what it says are details of the plot.

“In the film, a victim is really falling in love with her torturer,” Bakira Hasecic, president of the Women Victims of War association, was quoted as saying in Wednesday’s Oslobodjenje daily newspaper.

Sarajevo-based producer Scout Film said the narrative had nothing to do with the group’s accusation and said it was a love story. Jolie has offered to meet the women to reassure them about the movie’s content.

Hasecic urged authorities to ban the shooting of the film in Bosnia “because of the script which offends a female war victim and distorts the truth about what that woman has suffered in a detention camp,” according to the paper.

It was not immediately clear whether Hasecic had seen a copy of the script herself.

Culture and sports minister Gavrilo Grahovac canceled permission for the shoot in Bosnia.

“Since the request (for the shooting) is not in accordance with the law, it is incomplete and not accompanied by the necessary script, Minister Gavrilo Grahovac decided to annul the permit,” the ministry said in a statement.


The statement said Scout Film may reapply to provide necessary documentation for the film which will be based on Jolie’s own screenplay and whose cast comes from the region.

“We were informed today that we need to amend the documentation and I have just forwarded the script to the ministry,” said Edin Sarkic, the Scout Film executive producer and location manager, adding the ministry had never asked for a script but only for a synopsis.

“I hope the film will get the green light after the officials see the script,” Sarkic told Reuters..

“The film has nothing to do with the allegation made by this women’s association. As we said before, it is only a love story.”

Jolie’s Los Angeles-based spokesman said it was “not true” that that there had been any protest about the movie. Asked about Hasecic’s complaint, the spokesman said she “brought something up, and UNHCR have been on the phone with her.”

Jolie, who is a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR, sent a letter to the women’s group last week and proposed a meeting with them the next time she comes to Sarajevo.

“Don’t judge me before you see the film,” Jolie said in a letter read to the women by Naveed Hussain, the UNHCR representative in Bosnia, and published in Oslobodjenje.

(Additional reporting by Maja Zuvela, Bob Tourtellotte in Los Angeles; Editing by Adam Tanner and Peter Millership)

In Memoriam: Jasmina Ahmetspahic

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Beautiful Bosniak girl Jasmina Ahmetspahic, did not allow  Bosnian Serb soldiers to rape her, instead she committed suicide by jumping through a window in the Vilina Vlas spa hotel.

We will never forget!

Jasmina Ahmetspahic (28.01.1968 – 14.06.1992)

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