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University of Graz honors Visegrad victims

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The Institute for Slavic Studies, University of Graz posted on their website a press release and photo of the memorial at Straziste cemetery in Visegrad. In the press release, the Institute explains how the Institute director before the start of the symposium, laid flowers at the memorial on Straziste cemetery and how she  was forbidden to speak at the symposium.

We welcome the actions taken by the Institute and especially thank Prof. Dr. Renate Hasen-Kokorus for courage and defiance shown in Visegrad. 

Prof. Tosovic must apologize!

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As suspected the symposium on Ivo Andric organized by University of Graz professor Branko Tosovic along with the Visegrad municipality was a joint project to give Andricgrad an “intellectual” dimension.

Write to University of Graz Rector Prof. Dr. Christa Neuper :


and tell her what you think about Prof. Tosovic’s decision to ignore Visegrad victims and to recommend Vilina Vlas for their guests.

Below is a sample letter you can sent to the above email address:

Dear Prof. Dr. Christa Neuper,

It has come to my attention that the recent symposium on Ivo Andric held in Visegrad was organized by Prof. Branko Tosovic, a professor at your University.

Prof. Tosovic ignored numerous emails sent by Visegrad survivors, Bosnian and foreign intellectuals pleading not to use Vilina Vlas motel (war-time rape motel for at least 200 Bosniak women and girls). under any circumstances.  He repeatedly ignored our emails.

On the other hand, I was pleased to hear that the Director of the Institute for Slavic studies, visited Straziste cemetery and paid respects to Visegrad victims. Flowers in the name of the Institute were placed on the central monument in Straziste. 

This issue was picked up by Bosnian and Serb media and I must say that Prof. Tosovic’s role has given a negative image of your University to the Bosnian public.

I think that an apology and visit to Straziste cemetery by a delegation of University of Graz, including Prof. Tosovic would be appropriate.

Yours sincerely,



Andric symposium concluded in Visegrad

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From 4-6 Octonber 2012, a symposium titled “The Bridge over the river Drina” was held in the Culture hall in Visegrad. It was co-organized by the Institue for Slavic Studies, University of Graz and the Municipality of Visegrad. The offical website recommended Vilina Vlas(war-time rape motel for Bosniak women) as a hotel to stay for the guests. Eventhough it was firstly decided that Vilina Vlas should be the main hotel and sponsor of the symposium, after media pressure,  this was changed.

Protest letters to the Institute were ignored. Victim families and activists asked  representatives of the University to pay respect to Visegrad victims at Straziste cemetery. Letters written to Prof. Renate Kokorus and Prof. Branko Tosovic were ignored.

Prof. Kokorus  the day before the symposium, wrote to Mrs. Bakira Hasecic, president of “Women-victims of war”, clarifying certain issues about the symposium and informed her that she will visit Straziste cemetery and pay respects to Visegrad victims. At 8 o’clock on 4 October, Mrs. Kokorus layed flowers on the martyr monument on Straziste cemetery.

Prof. Branko Tosovic, who heads the Ivo Andric project at the Institute for Slavic studies at University of Graz, refused to pay respect to Visegrad genocide victims and ignored every single email sent to him.

Image: Prof. Branko Tosovic, refused to pay respect to Visegrad genocide victims. A disgrace to Institute for Slavic studies, University of Graz.

Satiric poster about Andric symposium

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Days after not receving any reply from the Institute for Slavic Studies, University of Graz,  a satiric poster surfaced online.