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Preventiva in Visegrad?

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*Preventiva – the network of guards and contacts protecting Karadzic.

On 26.01.2005. an anonymous email arrived at Nezavisne Novine ( a newspaper in Banja Luka) which claimed that Preventiva was planning assassinations in Republika Srpska. The author of the email distanced himself from the murder of Bosniaks in Visegrad and even called it “genocide“. He claimed that he was a member of the war Presidency in Visegrad municipality and that he “could not help the poor people who suffered in Visegrad” because the main people in charge were “Brane Savovic and Risto Perisic“.

Milan Lukic led away in a police car in Argentina after being arrested.

Milan Lukic led away in a police car in Argentina after being arrested.

The author also named  a few Visegrad Serbs who were supposedly targeted for assassinations: Drazen Perendija, Stojan Papic, Mile Lukic and  Mile Peric.

The letter continues naming members of the “Preventiva“:

Milan Josipovic, former Police commander and  Drazen Knezevic, policeman as the leaders for Eastern Bosnia. Policemen Lelek, Goran Nedic, Srecko Nedic, Novak Poluga, Miro Moljevic and ex-policemen Rakovic and Milicevic.

For the Sarajevo-Romanija region Milovan – Cicko Bijelica. For the Banja Luka-Posavina region Radomir Njegus and for Hercegovina Zoran Mandic.

For financial support, the main persons in charge Brane Smiljic, aka Zika, from Visegrada; Pecikoza, former director of  a firm called “Terpentina”;former director of  Dam “Visegrad” Marjanovic.

According to the letter all important meeting were held in Zlatiboru, in the apartments of Branimir Savovic, Brane Smiljica and Riste Perisica. The core of the organization are Branimir Savovic, Radomir Njegus, Risto Perisic, Cicko Bijelica, Milan Josipovic and Momcilo Mandic,who was in charge for contact with the State Security of Serbia.

The letter also states who is in charge of supplying the organization with weapons: former commander of the  Visegrad brigade Luka Dragicevic and Milan Kosoric, who during war-time supplied Serb Democratic Party with weapons from Serbia. Persons in charge for logistics: Radoje Tasic, journalist from Visegrad, and lawyer Radomir Tanaskovic.

As for the author, at the end of the letter he claims that his role during the war was to gather material support mostly from outside of Bosnia. He mentions that he worked with Miroslav Kojic.

He also admits that he is writing this because he found out that Branimir Savovic and Risto Perisic are planing to plant him an indictment at the Hague so as to save themselves. He also notices that not a single member of the war Presidency has been indicted for war crimes.

War-time picture of Milan Lukic in a military uniform in Visegrad.

War-time picture of Milan Lukic in a military uniform in Visegrad.

VGM Editor’s Note: On 8. April 2005 an email signed by Milan Lukic arrived at “Nezavisne Novine” in which he blames some leading Visegrad Serbs for killing his brother Novica. This letter where he calls Savovic and Perisic “communist scum”, is not important because of its content as it is for other reasons. Namely, thanks to this  email, Hague investigators were able to track down Lukic in Argentina. And also “Nezavisne Novine” published that this letter and the last letter giving details about “Preventiva” came from the same server. So most certainly Lukic is the author of the previous email.

*Read: How he slipped into hiding by Ed Vulliamy

*Read:Lukic set to face trial for Visegrad Terror by Nerma Jelacic

*Full letter in Bosnian here.

Women with nothing to loose

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Bakira Hasecic, from the Association Women Victims of War defiant to bring war criminals to justice.

Bakira Hasecic, from the Association "Women Victims of War" defiant to bring war criminals to justice.

“You will wait a long time before you see him again,” she hissed, nodding toward the defendant. “Did you spend all the money you stole?” Simsic’s wife stared back and then motioned to a court deputy. After a brief consultation with the two women, the deputy moved Hasecic to another seat.

Bakira Hasecic today is doing two jobs. For one she is gathering testimonies of raped victims throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. And second, she is gathering testimonies, evidence of Genocide in Visegrad. Once she gathers enough evidence she sends it to the Prosecutor’s office in Sarajevo.  Bakira’s work on gathering evidence on Visegrad and bringing war criminals to justice(Lelek, SimsicSavic to name a few) reminds us of Simon Wiesenthal’s work in Austria in post WW2 period.  And it’s no wonder that Bakira is disliked by many.

*READ Visegrad rape victimes say their crie go unherd

*WATCH Greek documentary on Visegrad rape camps “Vilina Vlas”.

*LISTEN to Only one Bakira(BBC)

*READ article about Bakira Hasecic in the Boban Simsic trial.

Bakira holding the picture of Milan Lukic during a protest infront of the UN building in Sarajevo.

Bakira holding the picture of Milan Lukic during a protest infront of the UN building in Sarajevo.

In the front row, Simsic’s wife and brother exchanged smiles. They were a stylish duo, she in a fur-lined jacket and he in a Dolce & Gabbana T-shirt. An hour into the hearing, as the wrangling continued, Bakira Hasecic turned and faced Simsic’s wife. “You will wait a long time before you see him again,” she hissed, nodding toward the defendant. “Did you spend all the money you stole?” Simsic’s wife stared back and then motioned to a court deputy. After a brief consultation with the two women, the deputy moved Hasecic to another seat.

It took two hours for the judges to grant a one-month delay in the trial so that the defense team could do additional research. In the meantime, they ordered that testimony begin. And so after hours of waiting, the first witness—a stocky, white-haired Bosnian Muslim named Nail Ramic—told his story. He testified that he had known Simsic for decades. When hostilities broke out in April 1992, Ramic fled into the forest near the town, where he hid for almost three months. Eventually, he was hunted down and brought to a local school, which had been converted into a prison camp. From then on, he said, Simsic singled him out for abuse. During one beating in a corridor of the school, Ramic heard a voice he recognized as Simsic’s telling him, “I am your god and master.” Ramic then described a perverse game of basketball in which his persecutors took shots at the basket as he stood under it. As the witness spoke, he looked over at the family members, who now sat stone-faced.

Perhaps anticipating a damaging cross-examination, the prosecutor pushed Ramic to reconcile some discrepancies between his account and his earlier written testimony. The witness flushed and grew combative as the prosecutor read from his previous statements and asked a number of times, “Was Simsic shooting baskets or just watching?” Simsic’s wife smiled as Ramic’s frustration mounted and he began to stammer. A red light on the courtroom wall flashed repeatedly as the two English-language interpreters working in an adjoining booth signaled that they were having trouble keeping up.

Rape Warfare in Visegrad:Vilina Vlas

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“I want to tell the Westerners the real truth. I want them to stop these crimes. There are plenty of girls in a worse position than me.”

-Mersiha, Muslim Girl, Rape Victim from Visegrad


Vilina Vlas. Spa hotel near Visegrad used as a "rape motel" by Army of Republic of Srpska and local Serb paramilitaries to rape Bosniak women and girls during the Genocide.

One of the tactics used by the Army of Republic of Srpska and by local Serb Paramilitries in Visegrad was mass rape of Bosniak Muslim women and girls. The mass rape was planned: women were picked and brought to detention centers like the spa hotel Vilina Vlas, were Serb soldiers and paramilitaries would rape them.  The women and girls were told that they are to give birth to “Serbs”.

*Read the Investigation: Visegrad rape victimes say their crie go unherd by Balkan Investigative Reporting Network(BIRN) reporters and watch their TV report aired on Bosnian Television.

Today Vilina Vlas is a spa hotel. Many rapists and murderers still work there. Visit their offical website.

Merjem, a Muslim girl, rape victim from Visegrad gave her witness account when she arrived on free teritory. This was published in Edina Kamenica’s article in Oslobodjenje on 23  March 2000.

“Besides Lukic, other men participated in the collection and taking away of girls. Among them were Dusko Andric, a former policeman and now one of the chief terrorists, Risto Perisic, a former high school teacher in the high school ‘Hamid Becirevic’ and now the Serb police chief in Visegrad. Regarding Momir Savic, Dragan Savic, Petar Savic, Mirko Savic, Leko Tesevic, Milomir Tesevic, I can tell you that they are bums who haven’t done anything worthwhile in their whole life and who saw in the war a chance to kill, maltreate and take away civilians”.

Peter Mass, author of  “Love thy Neighbour“, wrote an article in Washingtion Post ”  on 27 December 1992 entitled “The rapes in Bosnia: A Muslim Schoolgirl’s Account”  were he interviews Mersiha, a young Muslim girl rape victim from Visegrad who was raped in Vilina Vlas by Milan Lukic.

” The girls were taken to the Vilina Vlas motel, which has been described by the Slavic Muslim-led Bosnian government as one of the Serbs’ alleged “rape motels.” Mersiha was locked in one room and her friend was locked in another. Mersiha’s younger sister, Emina, was put in a room across the hall. A few hours later, Mersiha heard her sister moaning and sobbing. She never saw her again.

The warlord, Milan Lukic, who has been well-known locally for years, came into Mersiha’s room, put a table in front of the door and told her to undress.

“He said that if I didn’t do what he wanted, I would never go home,” Mersiha recalled, speaking in a nervous but steady voice. “Then he ordered me to take off my clothes. I didn’t want to do that. He said I must, that it would be better to take my clothes off myself, or else he would do it and he would be violent.”

Mersiha paused in her narration. She tightened her hold on the hand of her older sister, who is a student in Zenica and sat next to her throughout the interview, which was conducted in this government-held city in an empty pizzeria decorated with a few paltry Christmas ornaments. Mersiha stared hard at a spot on the tablecloth and resumed speaking.

“I started to cry. He said I was lucky to be with him. He said I could have been thrown into the river with rocks tied around my ankles. But I didn’t want to do it. He got angry and cursed and said, ‘I’m going to bring in 10 soldiers.’ ”

And so Mersiha, who said she had never had a boyfriend, tried to stop crying as she was raped. “

*Watch Greek Documentary “Vilina Vlas” by Mega TV: