Nerma’s Story

*WATCH documentary Nerma’s Story about Nerma Jelacic, Visegrad Genocide Survivor and  director of Balkan Investigative Reporting Network.

3 Responses to “Nerma’s Story”

  1. I just saw your video and want to thank you for not giving up your work to reveal the truth about the Bosnian Holocaust. As for myself, editor of a small peace newsletter in Scandinavia (1982-2000), I have followed the shocking events in ex-Yugoslavia almost since “Day 1”, trying to spread information about what happened, and still hardly let a day pass without gathering information and searching for news from your part of the world. Unfortunately there is still a lot of lies and false propaganda from the “other” side on Internet which has to be unravelled before “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” is revealed, believed, regretted AND asked forgiveness for, so that there can be some kind of reconciliaton between the people, instead of denial.
    I heard about Milan Lukic and wrote about him already many years ago and now follow the ongoing trial of this utterly cowardly man in the Hague who caused so much death and sorrow to your people and now tries to pretend he wasn´t even present when it happened!!!
    Thank you again for speaking up for all the dead and all the victims and for not giving up your cause, Nermina, and I promise: neither will I! Yours in peace, Tulle in Norway

  2. Thanks, Visegrad92. Grim story about the woman whose son was killed by Lukic. We have to hope that at some time that man is allowed to spend a long time reflecting on the deeds for which he was responsible.

  3. visegrad92 Says:

    Dear Tulle, Thanks for your message. I appreciate it. Unfortunately, as you noticed there are many denial websites concerning the Bosnian Genocide.

    Owen, I posted the original TV report on , I shall post a link on VGM within a day or two about that story.

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